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Louisiana Shrimp Season begins – Good catches, low prices mark opening day

louisiana shrimp openerArea fishermen reported good catches but low prices on the opening day of the spring shrimp season. “It’s kind of early to predict it now,” said Al Marmande of Al’s Shrimp Co. in Dularge, who expects his first catches to come in Tuesday afternoon. Marmande said he will have a good sense of the season by the end of the week but has heard reports of a good amount of brown shrimp along the coast. “I’m hearing they’re catching a few small shrimp, but not too many large shrimp,” he said. “They’re catching,,, Read the rest here 11:49

Louisiana Shrimp season called average

The fall shrimping season, which comes to a close on some state waters Monday evening, has been average for area fisherman. “I’ve seen better seasons and I’ve seen worse seasons,” said Daren Martin, owner of Martin’s Fresh Shrimp in Chauvin. Read the rest here 08:47