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Big Turnout for the Fluke for Luke Fishing Tournament on the Vineyard!

Outside the Portuguese-American Club in Oak Bluffs, a plaque rested on the counter of a makeshift weigh station. In the center of the plaque was the name Luke Gurney along with his prize-winning fish weight and the year 2007. Ten spaces ahead, the 2017 tile was blank. Over 400 people signed up to fill this year’s space. The VFW has held an annual fluke fishing derby on this July weekend for many years, but this year a group of Mr. Gurney’s friends organized a new tournament to serve as a memorial and fundraiser called Fluke for Luke. The funds would go to the family of Mr. Gurney, a commercial conch fisherman who died in a fishing accident in June of last year. click here to read the story 17:29

Fishing Events Benefits Family of Luke Gurney

Last June, the Island lost Luke Gurney in a commercial fishing accident. This year the Fluke for Luke fishing tournament will celebrate his love of fishing and raise funds for his two sons college education. In addition to the fishing contest, the event will include a silent auction and raffle. The tournament will take place on Saturday and Sunday, July 8 and 9. Fluke and black sea bass will be eligible species. An awards ceremony and silent auction will be held on Sunday July 9, starting at 5 p.m. at the Portuguese-American Club in Oak Bluffs. The event is being organized by a group of Lukes friends, who also would like to recognize Peter Hermann and the VFW in Oak Bluffs for helping pass the torch after running the annual summer fluke tournament for many years. Link  For more information, please visit the Fluke for Luke Facebook page. 15:17

Getting to Know the Fishermen Behind the Boats at Meet the Fleet

re_meetthefleet_kids_lobsterMost of the time the Menemsha dock is a quiet place, Captain Wes Brighton said. Fishermen come and go, unloading their catch and setting up to set sail. But on Thursday evening, the dock was bustling with people chatting with fishermen, learning how to fillet, racing crabs and slurping down oysters during the second annual Meet the Fleet. Organized by the Martha’s Vineyard Fishermen’s Preservation Trust, Meet the Fleet was created to draw attention to the Vineyard’s fishing industry and raise money for the organization. Funds go to help start a permit bank, create loans for new fishermen, and change restrictive legislation. This year’s event was in honor of Luke Gurney, a commercial conch fisherman who was swept overboard in June and died. John Keene, the president of the Fishermen’s Preservation Trust, said the absence of Mr. Gurney’s boat, No Regrets, was a noticeable difference this year. Read the story here 09:16

Oak Bluffs fisherman Luke Gurney recalled with love, pride

AR-160629839.jpg&MaxW=315&MaxH=315“He loved the water,” John Gurney said. “It became his nemesis.” Luke Gurney primarily fished Nantucket Sound and focused on whelk, sea bass and scup, his father said. He owned the 42-foot No Regrets, which he had operated since 2012. He sold whelk to dealers in New Bedford, who then shipped the sea snail to southeast Asia. “He was only four years into his business, but it was very successful,” John Gurney said. Last year, his son caught 107,000 pounds of whelk. “That’s a good take for a year of fishing,” the father said. John Gurney said his son had started fishing on freshwater ponds but had moved to salt water and “never left.” “If I fished with him, I knew I would catch fish,” Gurney, a sportfisherman, said. “He had a nose for fishing.” Luke Gurney grew up in New Bedford and graduated from high school in 1986. After college he moved to Martha’s Vineyard, where his parents have a second home. He was married to Robyn Gurney, and they had two sons, Jacob, 13, and Sam, 11. Read the rest here 08:30