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Maine lobster fisherman says U.S. border patrol has been boarding American boats, not just Canadian

U.S. border officials have not been deliberately “harassing” Canadian fishing boats in disputed Atlantic waters — agents have boarded numerous American vessels, too, as part of an unprecedented recent operation, says a prominent Maine lobsterman. John Drouin said his and his two sons’ boats and those of other American fishermen have all been stopped in the past couple of months by U.S. Border Patrol vessels, something he’s rarely seen in 40 years plying the waters. “It baffles me just as much as anybody else,” said Drouin, a member of Maine’s lobster advisory council. “I have no clue why they’re here, spending taxpayers’ money and resources … (But) for whatever reason, they now have a presence.”>click to read<22:32

U.S. Border Patrol questions crews of at least 2 fishing vessels in (disputed) Canadian waters

The federal government is investigating reports that two Canadian fishing vessels were approached, and crew members questioned, by U.S. Border Patrol agents in Canadian waters in the Gulf of Maine in late June. According to Global Affairs Canada, the incidents occurred June 24 and 25 around Machias Seal Island and North Rock.,, Machias Seal Island is a tiny spot between New Brunswick and Maine that has been the subject of a territorial dispute between Canada and the United States for decades. Roughly 700 square kilometres of water surround the island in what’s called a grey zone. Lobstermen from both sides of the border fish those waters. >click to read<

Turf War: Canadians heat up lobster fishing in ‘gray zone’ off Cutler

CUTLER, Maine — The disputed “gray zone” around Machias Seal Island has become a bone of contention again for Maine lobster fishermen who set traps in the region.  also ply the disputed waters, and there are more of them this year, which does not sit well with Down East lobstermen. Read the rest here 20:16