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Maine lobster fishery under double MSC assessment

MSC-LogoThe MSC did not respond to request for comment on why a second assessment was being done for the fishery, and it remains unclear why a second assessment would be necessary for a fishery that is already certified. A source said companies that were not included in the original assessment were blocked from being able to take market advantage of the certification and were taking legal action to become included as of last spring. Read the rest here 07:15

Maine Certified Sustainable Lobster Association, Inc., enters Gulf of Maine lobster fishery for MSC Certification

This assessment is in parallel with a separate assessment of the fishery that led to MSC certification in 2013. The founding members of the client group are Cozy Harbor Seafood, Inc., Craig’s All Natural, LLC, East Coast Seafood, Inc., Garbo Lobster Co., Inc., Inland Seafood, Inc., Mazzetta Company, LLC, and Orion Seafood International, Inc.  Read the rest here 13:50