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After Tyler Hamlin was stripped of her crown, the Maine Lobster Festival board faced reactions ‘almost like a lynch mob.’

The 2018 Maine Sea Goddess was forced to step down less than 24 hours after she was crowned because of photos she posted on social media that were forwarded to Maine Lobster Festival organizers. – The decision by the executive board of the Maine Lobster Festival to strip the Sea Goddess of her crown created a firestorm that made festival organizers fear for their safety. More than 10,000 comments and messages have been sent to the Maine Lobster Festival since The Courier-Gazette reported Thursday evening that Taylor Hamlin, who was crowned the 2018 Maine Sea Goddess on Wednesday night,> was forced to step down< less than 24 hours later over photos she had posted on social media. >click to read<18:55

PETA protester sheds shell for cause!

t1200-IMG_5297A crowd of curious spectators and journalists gathered at the corner of Park and Main Streets Aug. 3 to witness a supporter of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) shed most of her clothes and lie on plate like a lobster in protest of the annual Maine Lobster Festival. Mysti Lee (sounds exotic!)of Chicago, painted all in red and wearing lobster claws but little else, emulated Maine’s famous crustacean on a plate with to-scale cutlery, a garnish of cilantro and a side of butter across the street from the Maine Lobster Festival. Lobster Festival President Brian Plourde said Aug. 2 the festival has had protests from PETA in years past. “PETA has every right to protest,” he said. “…We’re here to support the fishing community.” Read the story here 16:28

Times are tough – Rockland refuses to waive fees for Maine Lobster Festival

The Maine Lobster Festival will have to shell out money to the city for the annual summer waterfront celebration. The council voted 4-1 Monday night to reject fee waivers. The rejection means the organization will have to pay $14,250 to use the downtown city-owned waterfront parks this year. “We know these are difficult times for taxpayers and the council,” Plourde said. Read the rest here 08:03

Maine Lobster Fest Organizers Not Plagued By Concerns Over Lobsters’ Feelings

People really like lobster. The Maine Lobster Festival draws tens of thousands of people to Rockland each summer, just as July is fading into August. According to John Jeffers, Vice President of the MLF, it began in 1947 as a way to help give a burst to the local lobster industry, which used to struggle with business during lobster shedding season (July to October). Read more here 10:48

ROCKLAND, Maine: Crowds roll in for the Maine Lobster Festival – Get down they-ah! Continues through Sunday

lobster festival rocklandTHIS JUST IN!- America’s Tall Ship USCG Cutter Eagle to arrive in Rockland Friday, at 3 p.m – The grounds of the Maine Lobster Festival were crowded early Wednesday afternoon as the kicked off on the city’s waterfront. “We offer local, fresh and sustainable lobster, and we love to share it with people both near and far,”,,, Read more here  09:08