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A big shift is coming to the Maine lobster population — and it could devastate the local economy

While we can’t know for sure what the future holds, it seems that as ocean temperatures continue to increase, lobsters will likely keep moving north, study researcher Malin Pinsky, of Rutgers University, told Business Insider. At a rate of 43 miles per decade, it could only be 30 years or so until Maine lobsters are mostly in Canadian waters. Two factors will impact how quickly this happens, Pinsky told Business Insider: Greenhouse gas production and the rate of ocean temperature increase. If temperatures and gasses continue to rise, Pinsky says lobsters moving to Canada is, “not out of the question.” Read the rest here 13:42

There’s something strange happening to the Maine lobster population this year — and it could drastically raise prices

Reports of fisherman hauling out record amounts of lobster over the past few years make it seem that lobster should be pretty cheap. But that’s last year. This year the price of lobster is going up thanks to changing water temperatures. But now, three years later, price is on the rise again because the harsh winter that recently hit New England dropped ocean temperatures around Maine to the lower end of the lobster comfort zone. Read the rest here 11:35