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Maine Lobstering Union Pursuing Higher Profits

Maine lobstermen have long been known as a fiercely independent lot. But some are looking to the power of unity, in the form of a statewide, catch-to-table co-op. The goal is to harvest a larger and more predictable share of the profits. It’s 10 a.m. and Rock Alley has already been cruising Washington County’s Sequin’s Passage off Beals Island since a little after daybreak. The 60-year-old Jonesport fishermen tells his two stern men to get ready as he maneuvers his 46-foot, Jarvis Newman lobster boat through some shallow waters to get to his traps.,, Lobsters from the MLU are transported by union truck drivers to the Lamoine holding pound, where union employees sort, crate and eventually load them onto even larger trucks, also driven by union workers. click here to read the story 12:39

‘We feel like we have a voice’: Maine Lobstermen Union recognized

BDNLEWISTON, Maine — At the start of 2013, a group of lobstermen from up and down the coast got together and something that surprised many: They formed a union. Read more here  09:04

Maine Lobstermen Union holds inaugural meeting – Video

“The problem is why we’re not getting our money is no one wants to give it to us from the top board down they’re keeping all the money for themselves and we need to take it back from them we’re the ones who catch the lobster we should be able to control the price,” said Maine Lobstermen Union President Rocky Alley.  (Ya got bigger problems than that Rock!) [email protected]