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Gulf of Maine: What happens when a small Maine town and an offshore energy project collide

A project taking shape about 12 miles offshore from the village of Port Clyde is creating a rift in the tight-knit fishing communities on the St. George peninsula. On one side is Maine Aqua Ventus, a pilot project to test floating turbines as sources of renewable energy. On the other side are fishing families concerned that the turbines and cables used to transport the energy ashore could disrupt fishing habitats on which they rely.,,, “Our largest concern is what is going to happen after this,” said Randy Cushman, 55, a lifelong fisherman and resident of Port Clyde. “I’m worried about the next generation of fishermen, that’s what I’m worried about. I could really see them being eliminated by this. I really can.” click here to read the story 08:13

UMaine’s offshore wind energy pilot project wins initial OK

BDNThe Maine Public Utilities Commission on Tuesday morning approved in a 2-1 vote a term sheet for Maine Aqua Ventus’ pilot offshore wind energy project. Read [email protected]  10:30

Maine offshore wind project faces 1st major hurdle –

“We need to start reaping the benefits of offshore wind, both the economic benefits and renewable benefits,” said Sean Mahoney, executive vice president of the Conservation Law Foundation, who criticized the administration for scuttling Statoil’s project last year. (what benefit is that?!! Irreplaceable  ocean bottom that you morons want to remove from Monhegans lobstermen?) Read [email protected]  12:07

Monhegan residents voice concerns over proposed offshore wind project – worry about noise and visual impacts, as well as effects on lobstering.

Some residents of Monhegan aren’t ready to trade their cherished natural sanctuary for cheaper electricity. Residents and visitors to the island have submitted their concerns to the Maine Public Utilities Commission, which is considering the merits of a pilot wind-power project called Maine Aqua Ventus. The project could lead to a 50-turbine wind farm in the Gulf of Maine that could produce enough power for 6,000 homes and slash the cost of electricity on Monhegan, which is 16 miles off the mainland. Read more @portlandpress  12:06