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Maine Scallop fishermen stay close to home

Scallop divers might have been feeling optimistic, due to a steady increase in landings in recent years, when the fishery started for the winter season on Dec. 1. But the number of scallop draggers showing up in Cobscook Bay on their opening day, Dec. 5, seemed to indicate a certain pessimism. Trisha Cheney, the resource management coordinator for scallops for the Maine Department of Marine Resources told The Quoddy Tides that only 69 boats showed up for opening day. That’s about half the size of the fleet that has been in the bay at the start of the season during many years. Almost all of the boats were local Cobscook Bay boats. In the past, many draggers from ports to the west have traveled to Cobscook Bay to fish. This year, the fleet was apparently more spread out. Cheney told the paper that 76 draggers were fishing in the Jonesport area this year. Read the rest of the story here 14:03

Maine Scallop Fishermen ticketed for illegal moorings

Nine people were summoned recently for illegal boat moorings at the Edmunds Boat Launch in Cobscook Bay, the most productive scallop fishing area in the state. The mooring moratoriums, and the lack of space in Eastport, “led us to believe we would be the only game in town and therefore we would be overrun,” Edmunds Harbor Master Heron Weston said last week. As a result, the Washington County commissioners, acting as administrators for the unorganized territory, decided the state-owned property should join the list of other harbors with mooring moratoriums. Read the rest here 08:41

Navy’s power cable plans for Cutler station concern Maine scallop fishermen

BDNMACHIAS, Maine — The Navy’s plans to run a power cable under Machias Bay to bring electricity to its communications station in Cutler has caused area scallop fishermen to be apprehensive. There is a possibility that fishermen may be restricted from dragging gear along the bottom of the bay in the vicinity of the cable in search of scallops or urchins. [email protected] 20:41