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Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission revisit chance of reopening Maine shrimp fishery

maine shrimpInterstate fishing regulators are revisiting the possibility of reopening Maine’s shrimp fishery, now in its third year of a shut down since warming oceans have negatively affected the shrimp population. Fishery managers with the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission are opening up the possibility of new regulations to manage the fishery. Fishery Management Plan Coordinator Max Appelman said new regulations would address issues such as overfishing. “The big challenges facing this resource are overcapacity in the fishery and overcoming adverse effects of climate change,” Appelman said. (Here comes catch shares!) Read the rest here 13:48

Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission’s limited entry scheme for Maine Shrimp Fishery postponed

Regulators are taking the possibility of a limited entry program for Maine’s shuttered shrimp fishery off the table for now. The Northern Shrimp Section is postponing the development of the plan until next summer. The group has been looking at ways to manage the future of the fishery, including the possibility of allowing fewer fishermen to participate. The shrimp section is meeting on Dec. 7 to set specifications for the 2016 shrimp fishing season. A spokeswoman for the section says it is unlikely there will be a season at all in 2016. Link 09:48

Is the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission going to Privatize the Maine Shrimp Fishery?

Regulators are considering putting a limit on the number of fishermen who can participate in the Gulf of Maine’s beleaguered shrimp fishery in an attempt to revive the shuttered industry. A board of the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission is developing a proposal to control the number of fishermen who can fish for the shrimp that are prized for their sweet, tender meat. The plan will likely be the subject of public hearings next year, and could apply as soon as the 2017 fishing year, said commission spokeswoman Tina Berger. Read the rest here 12:49