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Video – Expectations high for 2016 elver catch, prices

If last year’s prices hold and warm weather persists, it could be another big year for Maine’s elver fishery. The annual elver fishing season in Maine, which is one of only two states that permit the harvesting of baby American eels as they swim upstream into fresh water from the Atlantic Ocean, is due to start at noon Tuesday, March 22. In 2015, the average price Maine elver fishermen were paid for their catch, also called the shore price, reached a record high, as it rose above $2,000 per pound — more than twice as high as it had been the year before. Read the rest here 10:22

Maine’s elver fishery – Smaller catch, bigger value – 2015 haul nets fishermen an average of $2,172 per pound

Maine’s 920 licensed harvesters caught 5,242 pounds of elvers during the 10-week season, which ended May 31. That catch was down significantly from 2014 when 9,688 pounds were landed. The average price per pound for elvers jumped from $874 in 2014 to $2,172, the department said. This year’s quota was set by the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission and will remain unchanged through 2017. The commission is expected to reassess the quota in 2018. Read the rest here 14:19

Lawmakers sink Passamaquoddy bid to exempt tribal fishermen from individual elver catch quotas

BDNDue to concerns about the impact on the population of American eels from Maine’s elver fishery — the only such fishery on the East Coast that nets any significant amount of the newborn eels — Maine, for the first time ever, has imposed individual quotas on elver fishermen. Read more here  08:45