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Maine’s scallop fishery rebounding, but there’s a catch

Despite the good news, fishermen still struggle to win a premium price for their scallops in the global marketplace. They compete in a market dominated by a large-scale commercial scallop fishery centered in New Bedford, Massachusetts, which controls more than 90 percent of the market and supplies scallops that have been caught by draggers and packed in ice for days. Maine fishermen, conversely, retrofit their offseason lobster boats and drag for scallops on day trips, providing significantly fresher scallops. Read the rest here 07:51

Maine’s scallop fishery to face more closures

The regulations are designed to “rebuild the scallop resource” while giving scalloping fishermen a chance to fish, said Trisha DeGraaf, a coordinator with the marine resources department.The state will hold three public hearings on the proposed rules in September  Read more here 08:12