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1 man rescued as Coast Guard Searches for Missing Waterman off Tangier Island

The Coast Guard says one waterman is still missing after a boat went down with two people on board. The Coast Guard says a distress signal was sent out around 2:30 p.m. Monday afternoon from a 40 foot crabbing boat about five miles off the coast of the island. The boat said it was taking on water, before communication was lost. Tangier Island Mayor James Eskridge says the men on board the boat were father and son. Eskridge says the men went into the water without life vests and “every able body waterman on Tangier” went to help search for the missing men. The Coast Guard says one of the men was rescued by a good samaritan, who Eskridge later said was the son. link The release from the USCG click here  07:40

Man rescued from Peterhead Harbour after fire breaks out on fishing boat

A man had to be rescued from the water after a fire broke out on a fishing boat last night. It’s unclear if he had jumped from the burning vessel which was docked at Peterhead Harbour in Aberdeenshire. Two other men were rescued from the boat while rescue teams searched the water after reports someone else could have jumped in. Read the article here 08:45