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Red snapper off overfishing list – Ocean Conservancy and the Pew Charitable Trusts report described as “propaganda.”

The News Herald -PANAMA CITY BEACH — After 13 years on the federal overfishing list, red snapper has been removed after a report showed the species has made a comeback in the Gulf of Mexico. . “The critical list that it’s still on is the overfished designation,” said local charter captain Bob Zales. “Many of us believe we’re past that and this fishery is not overfished anymore.”Zales described the report, a collaboration between the Ocean Conservancy and the Pew Charitable Trusts, as “propaganda.”Released in conjunction with a fisheries summit set to begin today in Washington, D.C., the document hails the Magnuson-Stevens Act, the law governing fishery management in the U.S. continued

Managing Our Nation’s Fisheries 3: Advancing Sustainability

The purpose of this conference is to elevate the discussion of current, developing concepts on the sustainability of United States marine fishery management, towards possible future use in improving contemporary practices. The conference will examine three theme areas, each of which focuses on policy, science, and process issues associated with three germane topic areas of high current interest. Findings that emerge from this national conference regarding advancing sustainable fishery management practices could be considered for changes to current policy or regulatory approaches developed at Regional Fishery Management Councils or implemented by the National Marine Fisheries Service, or legislative changes via reauthorization of the Magnuson –Stevens Act, as appropriate. http://www.managingfisheries.org/index7.htm