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‘Deadliest Catch’ Star Sig Hansen Is A Grandfather, Just Days After Walking Other Daughter Down Aisle!

Just over a year after suffering a near fatal heart attack and spending a lot of time in courts with a recent lawsuit from his only biological child, and a recent arrest related to some drunken behavior during an Uber ride, Deadliest Catch favorite, Sig Hansen, has now become a grandfather to a baby girl. But that is not all that Sig’s been up to lately! He also walked his other daughter and fellow Deadliest Catch star, Mandy Hansen, down the aisle when Mandy married Sig’s deckhand and Deadliest Catch star Clark Pederson. What are all of the details of Sig’s whirlwind two weeks? click here for photo’s, read the story  12:41

All in the ‘Deadliest Catch’ Family: Capt. Sig Hansen Explains Why His 18-Year-Old Daughter Is Joining the Northwestern Crew

Sig Hansen and his crab boat, the Northwestern, have been with “Deadliest Catch” since the beginning. His tough but caring style has made him a favorite with fans for the past nine seasons, but has also caused trouble. yahoo.com   Read more here     19:27