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Mar-Lees sued over acquisition of clam processor “Captain Carl’s” – Betting the house on it

Mar-Lees Seafood, the US scallop and seafood supplier at the center of a range of legal disputes, is being sued over the acquisition of a Rhode Island-based clam processor, Carl’s Gourmet Foods, legal documents show. John Rinn, who claims to be a 35% equity holder in the clam processor, also known as “Captain Carl’s”, filed a lawsuit against Mar-Lees and Carl Masiello over the acquisition, which took place around October 2012. [email protected]  10:30

Another top exec out of ‘revolving door’ at Mar-Lees

Rick Marino’s exit comes as the defendants in the latest federal legal action against the company are served with the action, giving 60 days for a response. Marino, who joined Mar-Lees in February 2013 from fellow New Bedford-based Northern Wind, where he had been for nine years, ending as vice president of sales, is understood to have left the company in the past few weeks. [email protected]  16:52

Owners of Mar-Lees Seafood suing founder and former owner, John Lees Jr – alleging racketeering and kickback scheme

The owning company, Delaware-based Seafood Development, published detailed accounts of its allegations in a civil suit in U.S. District Court in Massachusetts on 25 October. In it, the suit named Lees, Mar-Lees Rhode-Island based attorney, Michael Sweeney, Massachusetts-based seafood company NorAtlantic 21 and New Jersey-based Blue Sea Products as co-conspirators. [email protected]  06:36