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Vessel monitoring technology partnership makes tracking more accurate

Accurate vessel monitoring is now easier with a technology offering that combines monitoring with a transponder. exactEarth’s exactTrax small vessel monitoring technology is now incorporated into the VMS Track-Pro, the newest Class B AIS transponder from Weatherdock. Purpose-built VMS Track-Pro is thought to be the world’s first single-bracket, battery powered and purpose-built AIS-based tracking solution. It is designed to be a secure, easy-to-use, and cost-effective solution for tracking fishing vessels and other small crafts. VMS Track-Pro was developed with extensive input and feedback from fishermen, as well as detailed analysis of homeland security requirements. click here to read the story 17:56

Using Satellite Communication on Your Boat

When you’re offshore and waiting for your next bite, the cloak of isolation can be your best friend. But sometimes you can’t afford to be “dark” from your business or family for long stretches, so most captains opt for some type of satellite communication. There are a lot of options, but the trick is knowing what equipment you need and how to manage it.,,When you buy satellite service, you’re paying for the bandwidth and speed at sea. At home, 20 mbps is a good streaming rate. At sea, 1 or 2 mbps is tops. And it can cost as much as $1,000 per gigabyte. “Update a website like CNN,” says Comyns, “and you’ve used 2 megabytes. Suddenly your browsing adds up to real money.” click here to read the story 11:06

Simrad Announces A2004 Autopilot Controller

The new Simrad A2004 is a dedicated autopilot controller designed to meet the needs of workboat, commercial fishing and passenger vessels. The A2004 is suited for vessels that don’t require SOLAS Heading Control Systems but do require a proven autopilot interface backed by Continuum software for accuracy and ease of use. The autopilot’s information is presented on a wide-angle and zero-fog color display and is engineered for responsiveness and ease of use with a precision rotary control dial and dedicated buttons for instant access to steering modes, a custom-configurable work mode and automated turn patterns. click here to read the story 13:53

Simrad Commercial And Patti Marine Enterprises Partner on New Clamming Vessel Bridge

Simrad Commercial, in partnership with Patti Marine Enterprises, announced today the latest vessel commissioned for the Truex clamming fleet is outfitted with a complete suite of Simrad Commercial marine electronics. SEAWATCHER II, a 152-foot clamming vessel, features two Simrad NSO evo2 processors driving five 18.5-inch monitors, an AP70 Autopilot, Halo-4 and Halo-6 Pulse Compression Radar systems and two SonarHub™ sonar processing systems. The design of the SEAWATCHER II is based on an original concept developed in partnership with the Truex family in 2003. The original namesake, the 134-foot SEAWATCHER I, was the first aft house clam vessel with integrated and stylized stacks. click here to read the story 18:33

Advanced workboat propulsion controls unveiled

Twin Disc has introduced contactless sensors to its range of commercial-grade propulsion controls for workboats. The EC300 Power Commander now comes with magnetic, contactless hall-effect sensors for monitoring lever position. Twin Disc said this outlasts other electro-mechanical and potentiometer type sensors for longer shifting service life. Tests with the EC300 demonstrated that there was no single loss of lever position signal in four million cycles. Twin Disc said EC300 single and twin lever control heads have superior transmission and throttle handling because of the contactless sensors. Read the rest of the story here 17:52

Furuno’s new Multi-Beam Sonar

Furuno is proud to announce that it is bringing side-scanning capabilities to its flagship NavNetTZtouch and TZtouch2 MFDs with its latest network sensor called the DFF3D. This multi-beam Sonar takes the highly-desired capability to scan port to starboard under the vessel and adds Furuno’s commercial fisheries spin on it. This deep-water Sonar delivers a sidebar detection range of an unprecedented 650+ feet, while being able to see down to over 1,000 feet. The DFF3D utilizes a new, compact multi-beam transducer, along with Furuno’s own advanced signal processing, to produce eye-popping images that will help you find and track fish. The transducer and fairing block is only 14 inches long, which makes this a perfect fit for boats of all sizes. To top it off, the transducer features a built-in motion sensor, which keeps the images stable, even in rough seas. continue reading the article here 13:18

Furuno’s Multi-Beam Sonar reaches new depths

The DFF3D Multi-Beam Sonar brings you the ability to see the underwater world all around your vessel in real time. Fish targets are shown in 3D within the water column, allowing you to pinpoint fishing hot spots and mark them as waypoints for later. Amazingly, the waypoint contains the depth data, so you’ll know right where to drop your line! With the triple beam sounder, you can even watch the fish swim from one side of the boat to the other. With the addition of the DFF3D, Furuno’s NavNet TZtouch and TZtouch2 MFD’s have just become your most valuable tool for finding and catching more fish! Read the article here 09:02

PANBO Blog: McMurdo SmartFind G8 AIS EPIRB, first of many, PLBs too?

Let’s first note that McMurdo’s trailblazing SmartFind G8 AIS EPIRB still awaits FCC approval and probably won’t be for sale in the U.S. until spring (along with its more conventional E8 and G8 siblings). But McMurdo has definitely developed this useful combination of local and global rescue beacon, other manufacturers may have AIS EPIRBs in the works, and I’ve got some details about how they’ll work. I also have some safety tips from an acquaintance who just dramatically experienced the effectiveness of a current ACR EPIR,,, The AIS component of coming AIS EPIRBs like the McMurdo SmartFind G8 is similar to what has already been developed for AIS SARTs and personal MOB beacons. Story by Ben Ellison on Read the rest here 15:21

New Satellite Communications System For Workboats

McMurdo has announced a new global satellite communications system, McMurdo OmniCom, the first in a family of products that will be rolled out over the next six months to provide complete worldwide fleet management and vessel monitoring solutions for the workboat, commercial fishing and artisanal fishing industries. McMurdo OmniCom is an integrated solution for commercial fleet operations that combines worldwide satellite coverage for constant communications to and from remote vessels with PRISMA Connect, McMurdo’s proven fleet management platform to provide a robust suite of vessel tracking, two-way messaging, asset/document management and Automatic Identification System (AIS) display. Features of the OmniCom solution include: Read about it here 16:30

Furuno unveils new radar with Bird Mode feature

main_ph1_pcFuruno introduced its new DRS6AX “X-Class” Radar, which it said brings a refined 6kW open array to NavNet TZtouch and TZtouch2. For fishermen, the company said the DRS6AX introduces a new “Bird Mode” that delivers bird detection performance to NavNet TZtouch or TZtouch2 display. Furuno said flocks of birds can easily be picked out at various ranges without manual tuning, with a tap of the Bird Mode feature. It is possible to discern the movement of individual birds within a flock utilizing Echo Trails. The maximum pulse length delivers 50 percent more “Power On Target” than previous DRS radars, the company said. Read the rest here 08:17

Simrad unveils new trawl tech – Simrad PX TrawlEye and Simrad TV80 software platform

Simrad PX TrawlEye and Simrad TV80 software platformLaunched at Danfish this October, the new Simrad PX TrawlEye and Simrad TV80 software platform are designed to deliver a clear, detailed picture of the net and condition of either a bottom or pelagic trawl. Through the unique use of a composite echo sounder transducer enabling advanced Linear Frequency Modulation (LFM), also called CHIRP, the PX TrawlEye provides a crisp and detailed presentation of catch entering the trawl, the status of the gear, as well as the bottom conditions. The sensor is placed on the headrope of a bottom trawl,,, Read the rest here 12:00

A Look inside the F/V Araho Wheelhouse, along with Advances in Electronics and Trawl Technology

Advances in electronics and trawl technology are taking some of the guesswork out of finding fish, making the harvesting of those fish more efficient and environmentally sound, and improving the efficiency of hauling them aboard. One of these advancements is the complete line of electric winches recently delivered by Rapp Marine for the O’Hara Corporation’s DNV-classed, 194-foot stern trawler F/T Araho, ensuring the vessel is fully equipped for bottom and pelagic trawling. NET Systems offers a wide range of trawl netting for several fisheries including bottom and midwater trawls as well as cod ends and trawl doors. Read the rest here 19:01

Revolutionary range and resolution with new Simrad HALO pulse compression radar

Navico Commercial Marine Division today announced the launch of Simrad HALO Pulse Compression Radar, the world’s most affordable solid-state, open-array radar system with pulse compression technology for non-SOLAS applications aboard commercial vessels. Combining the advantages of Simrad FMCW Broadband Radar™ and traditional pulse radar systems, HALO radar detects targets as close as 20 feet (6 metres) – well within pulse radar’s short-range “blind spot” – while delivering exceptional long-range performance up to 72 nautical miles. Read the rest here 08:58

The Perfect Fishing Electronics Installation!

vigilant_electronics4Nobeltec dealer Marine Radar is located in Washington state and recently worked on a complete integrated marine electronics system for a commercial fishing vessel. Ryan Hisey explains their perfect fishing electronics installation! This installation was on a new Fred Wahl Marine 58 x 22 commercial fishing boat, “Vigilant”, built by Dean Haltiner. Read the rest here  17:54

Communications: Prices Drop and Services Increase

As advances in communications and navigation equipment technology change at a seemingly alarming rate, there is something to be said about mixing the old with the new to keep some semblance of the old familiar functionality for commercial fishermen. Read more here  16:14

Nav/Com: What’s New in Bridge Electronics – Lot’s of info!

Suppliers of marine electronics, communication services and navigation software continue to advance technologies that make fishing more productive and efficient while keeping the end-user experience as easy as possible. @fishermensnewsonline


KVH’a TrackPhone Is On Track And Ship Shape

 “Our global network is now complete, and our TracPhone product line offers a complete end-to-end solution to quickly and easily bring the benefits of fast, affordable VSAT service to vessels.”  The mini-VSAT Broadband network is unique in that it is the only complete, end-to-end solution for offshore connectivity. Read more here