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Deep-pocketed environmental advocacy groups simply tell the president what they want. Screw everyone else!

No FishingIn a statement yesterday, Saipan resident and environmentalist John Gourley said the U.S. government is “handicapping” its own fishing fleet and forcing U.S. fishermen to fish in smaller and smaller areas. Gourley said creating marine monuments takes minimal effort and it does not cost anything as it is an unfunded mandate. “It also takes no planning on the U.S. administration’s part as deep-pocketed environmental advocacy groups simply tell the president what they want. What could be simpler?” Read the rest here 18:23

Marine monument expansion stirs controversy

No Fishing“This attempt at crafting an environmental legacy for our nation will ultimately prove to accomplish the opposite by disenfranchising our own fishermen and outsourcing domestic seafood demand to nations whose standards for environmental protections pale in comparison to our own,” remarked Sean Martin, of the Hawai’i Longline Association. Read the rest here 07:57

WPRFMC Press Release, September 10, 2014 – Marine Monument Expansion Will Fail American Fishermen

HONOLULU (10 September 2014) A delegation from the U.S. Pacific islands, including fisheries managers and commercial fishing industry representatives, met yesterday with the White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ), including Counselor to the President John Podesta. The group conveyed its concerns for an Executive proposal that would bar fishermen from nearly 700,000 miles of vitally historic fishing grounds. Read the Press release here 06:40