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Fisherman must shell out $100,000 for three rock lobsters caught illegally in marine park

1474605662648Two years ago, commercial fisherman Christopher George Hansen caught what might be the most expensive rock lobsters ever netted. The Tasmanian delicacies should have brought him about $200 at market; instead, he will pay close to $100,000 for the three lobsters. Hansen was this week censured by a Federal Court judge in Canberra for setting his lobster traps in part of the South-east Commonwealth Marine Reserves Network – a huge collection of protected marine areas that stretches from Tasmania in the south to South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales. Determined to send a message to other small-time fishermen, the federal government pursued Hansen, of Tasmania, through the courts in a two-year case that has racked up tens of thousands of dollars in legal costs. Read the story here 08:41

NEW marine park off Broome that allows fishing has been slammed by green groups

stupid-mainDespite praising the “spectacular turquoise waters and abundant wildlife” including unique snub fin dolphins, Mr Jacob said there would not be any no-take fishing zones within the bay. It has infuriated green groups including the Pew Charitable Trusts and local campaigners Environs Kimberley, who said sanctuaries were essential to boost the number, size and diversity of marine life and protect threatened species. The new park, to be jointly managed with the Yawuru traditional owners, will ban commercial gillnet fishing and mining in Roebuck Bay but has no marine sanctuary zones. Read the rest here 10:36