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Scania powers up its marine engine range

Scania is launching a new six-cylinder 13-liter inline marine engine. The new engine, which combines new power levels ranging from 650 to 925 hp with reduced fuel consumption, consolidates Scania’s position as a leader in power-to-weight ratio. The engine is the second platform in Scania’s marine engine portfolio to use common rail XPI fuel injection technology to reach higher power levels and lower fuel consumption. XPI technology was first introduced in Scania’s marine engine range in 2015 when the 1,150 hp V8 engine was launched. However, the system has been used in its engines for trucks and industrial applications since 2007; As well as lowering fuel consumption and noise levels, the common-rail XPI fuel injection system also gives a faster engine response and a quicker torque build-up. The first appearance of the new, and powerful 13-liter engine will be on display at the Lobster Boat Races in Stonington, ME on July 9, 2017. click here to read the story 17:36

Two Mainers plan to build their diesel-electrics for those who want an energy-efficient, lobster boat-style pleasure craft.

The throaty diesel rumble, the petroleum smell and wisp of smoke — none of it was present when Eugene Story started the engine on the 23-foot lobster boat docked at the Boothbay Harbor Shipyard in mid-July. Instead, air bubbles in the water from the propeller were the only indication that the vessel was under way. [email protected]