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Scientists warn Government against recommendations to wind back marine reserves – In particular ‘no-take’ zones

david-boothA group of scientists is urging the Government not to wind back the scale of the nation’s 40 marine reserves, contrary to the advice of an advisory panel on the matter. The panel is recommending the removal of an area almost twice the size of Tasmania from the protected zones where mining and fishing are banned. But the scientists, known as the Ocean Science Council, said cuts of that size could be devastating to marine life. Professor David Booth, a member of the council and a professor of marine ecology, said he and his colleagues had concerns over the advice given to the Government. “We welcome the review, there are a lot of good points to it, but what we’re really concerned with is these bioregional panels — which recommended the zoning of the parks in areas around Australia — fall well short of what was recommended,” he said. “In particular, the marine national park ‘no-take’ zones, which are the gold standard for looking after marine biodiversity, have been eroded.” Read the story here 12:47

Marine Science: When Is Spillover from Marine Reserves Likely to Benefit Fisheries?

The net movement of individuals from marine reserves (also known as no-take marine protected areas) to the remaining fishing grounds is known as spillover and is frequently used to promote reserves to fishers on the grounds that it will benefit fisheries. Here we consider how mismanaged a fishery must before spillover from a reserve is able to provide a net benefit for a fishery. Read this paper here. 18:51

Commercial fishing issues dominate port board meeting – No fishing zones within the Oregon marine reserves

No fishing zones within the Oregon marine reserves and commercial moorage rates were the focus of the July 16 Port of Siuslaw board meeting.  No fishing, crabbing or gathering of any kind is allowed within the boundaries of the five sites. The restrictions are currently in effect for four of the reserve sites, Redfish Rocks, Otter Rock, Cape Perpetua and Cascade Head. Restrictions on the fifth marine reserve site, Cape Falcon, will go into effect Jan. 1, 2016. Read more here 09:41

In ocean showdown, state appeals court upholds California’s landmark marine reserves network

In a significant victory for environmentalists and biologists who support the “no-fishing zones” designed to restore declining ocean species, the Fourth District Court of Appeal late Monday turned back a challenge by the Coastside Fishing Club, based in Martinez. The group had sued, arguing that the rules went too far and violated state law. continued