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Quality is key in a lobster sector’s project

863a4ac9dc_64635696_o2Nova Scotia government intends to launch a pilot project this year for lobster fishermen to be paid for the quality of the product that they have caught instead of the size.Read more here  11:06

Sterling Belliveau: Inaction could lead to lobster quotas – independence of the fishery could be compromised

lobsterDM0811_468x521NDP Fisheries critic Sterling Belliveau says the provincial government needs to be taking a more proactive approach to implementing the recommendations of the Maritime Lobster Panel. He says, if more action isn’t taken soon, he’s concerned unofficial quotas currently being placed on lobster fishermen in PEI could become more widespread and permanent. He fears the  independence of the lobster fishery could be compromised. Read more here 18:53

Nova Scotia Lobster fishermen urged to find common ground

Politicians of all stripes agree addressing challenges in the lobster industry will require finding ways to unite fisherman in the two largest (and most lucrative) fishing areas in Nova Scotia. The issue was discussed Thursday during a meeting of the province’s standing committee on resources. Read [email protected]  07:40

Slumping Maritime lobster prices focus of March meeting – Summit in Halifax in March will focus on Maritime Lobster Panel recommendations

CBC_News_logoFisheries ministers in the Maritimes will host a summit in March to discuss ways to restore prices in lobster markets. The lobster value recovery summit will be held in Halifax March 26 – 27. The summit will focus on the recommendations from the Maritime Lobster Panel report, which was presented to the three ministers in November. Read [email protected]  18:52

Fisheries Minister Gail Shea supports lobster report – Maritime Lobster Panel made 33 recommendations to improve industry

Among the report’s 33 recommendations included a levy on every pound of lobster landed so that money could be used to market the product. Another suggestion was that lobster prices be set before fishermen head out for the season. Shea has some of her own recommendations for the lobster industry as well. [email protected]  14:16