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Getting to Know the Fishermen Behind the Boats at Meet the Fleet

re_meetthefleet_kids_lobsterMost of the time the Menemsha dock is a quiet place, Captain Wes Brighton said. Fishermen come and go, unloading their catch and setting up to set sail. But on Thursday evening, the dock was bustling with people chatting with fishermen, learning how to fillet, racing crabs and slurping down oysters during the second annual Meet the Fleet. Organized by the Martha’s Vineyard Fishermen’s Preservation Trust, Meet the Fleet was created to draw attention to the Vineyard’s fishing industry and raise money for the organization. Funds go to help start a permit bank, create loans for new fishermen, and change restrictive legislation. This year’s event was in honor of Luke Gurney, a commercial conch fisherman who was swept overboard in June and died. John Keene, the president of the Fishermen’s Preservation Trust, said the absence of Mr. Gurney’s boat, No Regrets, was a noticeable difference this year. Read the story here 09:16

Fishermen’s Trust Looks to the Future

After a strong year, the Martha’s Vineyard Fishermen’s Preservation Trust is pressing ahead with its mission to support commercial fishermen on the Island. On Tuesday, eight of the nine board members attended a meeting of the Chilmark selectmen to seek further support.“We have accomplished as much as we possibly can do in a volunteer setting,” board member and commercial fisherman Wes Brighton said, emphasizing the need for funding and other support to help attract young fishermen and sustain the industry. The Island fleet has struggled in the face of increasing costs and regulations in recent years. Read the article here 15:38

Last Groundfish Permit Stays on Martha’s Vineyard, Though Unicorn Days Are Numbered

tj_greg_mayhew_menemsha_apr222013_1a_02The Nature Conservancy, working with the Martha’s Vineyard Fishermen’s Preservation Trust, has purchased the Island’s last historic groundfish permit, marking a major milestone in the trust’s efforts to develop a permit bank to support Island fishermen. The federal , also known as a groundfish permit, was held by Greg Mayhew, owner of the Unicorn, a legendary 75-foot dragger out of Menemsha. He declined to comment on the cost of the permit, saying only that prices for fishing permits can range from $20,000 to $2 million. Read the rest here 20:14

Plenty of Fish in the Sea, But Red Tape Keeps Them There

Across the harbor, the famed Unicorn dragger, now rusted and unseaworthy, glowed in the sunlight, a reminder of brighter days for the Island fishing industry. The decay of the Unicorn, and that of her sister ship, the Quitsa Strider II (now gone), has little to do with a lack of fish, Mr. Brighton said. Instead, he said, the main struggle for fishermen these days involves the array of state and federal regulations and the ever-increasing costs associated with a way of life as old as the Island itself. “It’s because we lost our access to those fish,” Read the rest here 10:25

Fishermen Plan to Hold Summer Event at Menemsha

The Martha’s Vineyard Fishermen’s Preservation Trust will host its first ever Meet the Fleet event this summer in Menemsha to showcase the Island’s working waterfront. “We hope to just educate the public — just the struggles and the reasons why the fisheries are in the state they are in,” Mr. Keene said. “And then the positive side to what our group is trying to do.” He hoped the event would allow people to meet the fisherman “and get a personal side to the whole industry.” Read the rest here 11:20