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From the Moderator: The loss of Fisherman Martin “Buckwheat” Gorham.

Updated: The photo has been removed because according to people, it’s not Marty Gorham. My apologies to all.  If anyone has a photo that they would like to see in is place, send it. BH Photo/Art by Richard Schutlz   Martin Gorham, a dragger fisherman, is just off his boat at Portland Fish Pier. “I love this picture,” says Schultz. “I love his looks, his attitude. He’s a total hardscrabble fisherman.

When tragedy strikes, it affects us in different ways. The events of the past thirty six hours or so, certainly effected me personally. My heart wasn’t in posting the news. I couldn’t seem to stop thinking about horror of a fisherman falling overboard off the coast of New England, and learning it was from the F/V Lydia and Maya.    Read more here  15:29