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Famous 16-Foot Great White Shark Gone Missing

Mary Lee, the 16-foot Great White Shark that has had Twitter in a frenzy the past few weeks, has gone missing – electronically speaking. According to Ocearch, a conservation group set out to track and collect date from tiger and great white sharks, said her transmitter hasn’t had a “ping” since June 17, and no one has seen or heard from her since. Fans on twitter have been speculating her death, but never fear, it is more likely her tracker has lost battery power. click here to read the story 06:15

Virginia Beach fisherman on seeing great white: He could have eaten me like an aspirin

virginia beach fisherman great whiteA Virginia Beach fisherman says he had a terrifying encounter with a great white shark last week two miles offshore near Sandbridge. Vince McKaney says the shark was stuck in his net. “I looked back in the boat and I saw this big body surface and a big eyeball,” McKaney said. “Then he opened his mouth, and I seen teeth.” The 35-year commercial fishing veteran said he was in disbelief. “I could have jumped in his mouth he would have eaten me like an aspirin, that’s how big he was. I would have cleared his teeth no problem,”,, Read the rest here 15:51

Welcome to Ocean County, Mary Lee. 3,500-lbs. great white shark off Long Beach Island

Welcome to Ocean County, Mary Lee. The nearly 16-foot, 3,456-pound female great white shark (or Carcharodon carcharias, if you prefer the scientific term), which goes by the name Mary Lee, was last spotted off the southern end of Long Beach Island this morning after reaching the coast of New Jersey yesterday. The great white shark appears to trekking its way north along the New Jersey coastline, just a couple weeks away from Memorial Day Weekend and the kickoff to beach season. Read the rest here  12:30