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Jail time for Maryland Watermen pleading guilty of illegally obtaining Virginia oyster licenses

Edward “Bruce” Lowery and Richard N. Fluharty, both of Tilghman Island, pleaded guilty last month in Accomack General District Court to three counts each of giving false information to a police officer and four counts each of failing to report their catch, according to the Virginia Marine Resources Commission. Each was fined $200 and sentenced to six months and 10 days in jail, with all but 10 days suspended. The two were charged with forging a public record in claiming Virginia residence on their applications for licenses to harvest oysters in the state. Read the rest here 16:39

Pound Net Watermen Prepare for Menhaden Bycatch Limits

Today, a Maryland waterman with a pound net can catch as many menhaden as he or she would like,  on Friday, that gets cut back to 6,000 pounds a day to protect the species from overfishing, Video, and Read more here 12:26

Maryland Watermen challenge menhaden catch limits

A group of Maryland watermen has filed suit seeking to overturn the state’s  catch limit on menhaden, arguing that it violates state and federal law and that  the forage fish is not in need of conservation. [email protected] 00:05