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Lost Crab Pots: Not as Bad as We Thought?

Back in 2016, a team of scientists from the Virginia Institute of Marine Science said watermen lost an astounding number—145,000 crab pots, leading to the deaths of millions of dollars’ worth of crabs trapped in those pots. But a different panel of scientists says it’s not as bad as they originally thought. Glenn Davis, who chairs the Chesapeake Bay Stock Assessment Committee, told a winter meeting of fisheries managers that the VIMS numbers are wrong.,,, But once the VIMS study was out there, it was hard to take back. And sure enough, somebody tried to monetize it.>click to read<09:05

Maryland’s DNR chief won’t say why he fired longtime manager of crab program

Maryland’s Department of Natural Resources Secretary Mark J. Belton on Monday offered lawmakers no explanation for why he fired the longtime manager of the state’s crab program days after watermen complained to Gov. Larry Hogan about the employee. Belton repeatedly declined to justify the dismissal during a joint hearing with the House and Senate environmental committees, as Democratic lawmakers questioned whether the termination of , a 28-year state employee, was politically motivated. “Isn’t it true that since you couldn’t give these watermen what they wanted by changing crab policy, you gave them something else — Brenda Davis’s job?” asked Sen. Paul G. Pinsky (D-Prince George’s).Belton, who said he could not comment on personnel matters, said that critics were “trying to make connections where there are none” and that Hogan (R) had nothing to do with the dismissal. “It was my decision, and my decision alone,” he said. continue reading the story here 08:22

The sinking of New Hope: A wooden trawler, a Vietnamese fisherman, and a cleanup job

cgnews-new-hope20151229Worms opened the wooden hull and in washed the green water and silver minnows. The fishermen spoke less of salvaging the 63-foot trawler left in the harbor of West Ocean City. The New Hope slouched to starboard, then sagged against the bottom sand. Five years went by; the trawler settled in. The shipworms ate away, until all that remained were bones. Bones and questions. The notorious trawler was entangled in a divorce — was the wedding really a wedding? — and a mistake at a Pennsylvania prison, a judge said. The case of the New Hope reached the top of Maryland’s Department of Natural Resources. Read the article here 08:57