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Injunction sought against lobster buoy lines

On Friday, Richard Maximus Strahan filed the emergency motion in U.S. District Court for a temporary restraining order to stop either the licensing or deploying of vertical bouy lines, arguing they routinely entangle the endangered whales, causing serious injury and death. The restraining order should be in effect until marine fisheries officials and the Massachusetts Lobstermen’s Association could show there are no more right whales, a migratory species, in the states coastal waters, according to the motion. >click to read< 08:58

Keating: concerned that the parameters of the (disaster aid spending) plan neglects the fishermen who need assistance most.

Despite the extensive negotiations, I remain concerned that the  parameters of the plan neglects the  fishermen who need assistance  most.,, Further, fishermen with multiple  permits may be eligible to be compensated multiple times, while other active permit holders are entirely  excluded from the relief. Read more here 07:24