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US aid not enough, Gloucester fishermen say

421238_367823369911134_2112714610_nDespite last week’s announcement of a $14.5 million federal disaster grant to the Massachusetts fishing industry, area fishermen and marine analysts believe that the funds will only serve as a stopgap for an industry that has nearly collapsed because of declining groundfish stocks. Read more here 07:36  F/V Lady Jane info here

From Surf to Serfdom – By Kenneth Levin Frontpagemag.com

Unemployment in my home state of Massachusetts is less than the national average. In August, it stood at 6.3% compared to 8.1% nationally. 

The state benefits from very robust high-tech sectors. But, of course, low-tech industries also figure in its economy.

Particularly hard hit among the latter in the current downturn has been the state’s large fishing industry. Its problems, and the plight of workers dependent on fishing for their livelihood,

are illustrative both of the general difficulties of the economy across the country and of ways in which specific Obama administration policies have compounded the overall decline. ,,,Read More