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EDF Matt Mullins View: Electronic monitoring is inexpensive, effective

The New England cod fishery is on the brink of collapse. For weeks now we have heard from all stakeholders, with some calling for more closures, some less, and others seeking financial aid for fishing families. We’ve even heard a few calling for an all-out ban on cod fishing. But what is missing from much of this conversation are constructive ideas to pave a path forward for fishermen in New England. Electronic monitoring is one of those solutions. Plenty of EDF hyperbole. Read the rest here 09:49

On the Pipe? The Freaks at EDF that brought you Catch Shares now wants you monitored 100% following THEIR failure!

Matt Mullin said the EDF supports governor-elect Charlie Baker’s recent calls for better fisheries data. The expansion of the observer program would go a long way toward making that happen, he said. That’s not what he’s talking about pickle head. Brian Rothchild and Jim Kendall comment on the ignorance. Read the rest here 20:45