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Dick Grachek: Maximum Sustainable Yield: Just More Management Delusion or a Bureaucratic Con?

Even if getting out from under the management fantasy of the “extinction delusion” could somehow become a reality, an essential overhaul of the basic goals of fishery management is necessary and must begin by asking the obvious—but totally neglected—question, what exactly is all this management supposed to accomplish, anyway? Maximum Sustainable Yield: Stable and Sustainable Stocks, Right? Well…actually, managing the fisheries to MSY is all wrong. MSY accomplishes nothing more than stock population instability. One of the major mechanisms of this MSY approach is engineering the taking of large fish out of a population in some formulaic proportion to the young recruited into that particular stock. This is a naive and simplistic notion of stock dynamics. It completely ignores a myriad of natural or “biological-environmental” factors that govern fish survival and growth and population. Click here to read the story with a side note from Dick Grachek 17:04

World Wide Phenomenon – Fishermen in the South West braced for damaging cut in EU quotas

EU Quota cuts, UKJim Portus, chief executive of South Western Fish Producer Organisation, said “things were looking pretty bad” and blamed Government cuts to the number of research voyages which he claimed had not correctly assessed fish stocks. European fisheries policy sets quotas to achieve what it calls Maximum Sustainable Yield – essentially the point at which fishing would not affect whether a species could thrive.  Read more here 06:35

MSY Threat to Small-Scale Fisheries

 A rational, balanced and proportionate fisheries management approach would aim to continue this steady climb towards high-yield fisheries, without bankrupting the fleets.,, political courage – to face down those in the green lobby and their friends in the media, apparently oblivious to the human costs of the policies they have largely been responsible for. Read the rest here 08:43

Does this sound familiar? An open letter to Fisheries Minsiter, George Eustice

It would be difficult to exaggerate the sense of frustration within the fishing industry over this year’s ICES advice, especially when read in conjunction with the Commission’s Communication on how it intends to approach the December negotiations this year. With a few exceptions, stock after stock displays low or declining fishing mortality and steadily rebuilding biomass. The advice also suggests that major cuts quota will be proposed for 2015. Read more here  21:52