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Crew airlifted from stuck fishing vessel Avalon Princess, taking on water near La Scie

Crew on a fishing vessel stuck in sea ice off Newfoundland’s Baie Verte Peninsula have been airlifted off a ship that is taking on water, CBC News has learned. Thick sea ice is keeping coast guard officials from reaching that ship — as well as three others. Jamie Matthews owns one of the stuck boats, and said he heard a mayday call that said one of the boats, the Avalon Princess, was taking on water and the crew had to be airlifted to safety by a Cormorant helicopter Wednesday afternoon.,, Matthews said it may seem foolish to venture out amidst that kind of ice, but after two months of not earning any money, he said he and his four crew were willing to take the risk.  click here to read the story 13:35

Brother searched for missing fishermen after mayday call

The brother of a fisherman presumed drowned off the Canterbury coast was one of the first to respond to the mayday call. , had been fishing from a different Ocean Fisheries trawler in the same spot only hours before the mayday call. Paul Bennett decided to stay put for the night, while Bryce Bennett and his crew left about midnight to go to a different spot to start fishing again at daybreak, family friend Lex Bloomfield said. When Bryce Bennett learned of the mayday call, “he started steaming back as fast as he could”, Read the rest here 13:06

1 Fisherman found dead, 1 rescued from Gulf

boater_found_dead__1_rescued_from_Gulf_2602320000_13406063_ver1_0_640_480A shrimping trip turned tragic after a Pasco County boat sunk in the Gulf of Mexico, claiming the life of 29-year-old Anthony Coffey. His cousin, William Coffey, 17, was found hours earlier, clinging to a life vest.”We found out it was going down so we all hurried up and come back to the dock and unloaded our stuff and then we all went out searching for him,” said Matthew Hubbard, a cousin of the two men. The mayday call came in at 1:40 a.m. Tuesday from the Miss Melody Video, Read the rest here 22:24