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Lillian Bilocca: Plaque for woman who revolutionised safety at sea

A plaque has been unveiled for a woman who helped revolutionise safety at sea and is credited with saving many lives. The memorial has been placed on the wall at the former home of Lillian Bilocca, in Coltman Street, Hull. Led by Big Lil, as she was known, a group of four redoubtable women pressed for law changes after a 1968 trawler disaster. The disaster in 1968 saw 58 men perish after three Hull vessels were lost. In the face of strong opposition Bilocca, Christine Jensen, Mary Denness and Yvonne Blenkinsop, the four women later dubbed the “Headscarf Revolutionaries”, are estimated to have saved thousands of lives through their safety campaign. >click to read< 22:04

Families gather to remember Hull’s lost fishermen in memorial service for 1968 trawler tragedy

Three trawlers from the city sank within four weeks of one other. A total of 58 men lost their lives, leaving a scar on the city which is still being felt more than fifty years later. An annual Lost Trawlermen’s Day service is carried out on Hessle Road, where most of the fishing community lived during the time of the accidents. On the 18th of January, the St Romanus failed to return to Hull. All 20 crew members were lost at sea. On the 26th of January, the second trawler, the Kingston Peridot, was lost, along with its 20 men. On the 4th of February, the third trawler, Ross Cleveland was lost at sea, with 18 members of crew. One man, Harry Eddom, survived. video, >click to read< 20:23

Mourners gathered, Families of lost fishermen remember a dedicated, hardy crew

Friends and relatives of four fishermen lost at sea gathered at the Portland Fish Pier on Saturday to remember a captain and crew who worked hard, loved their families and felt a deep connection to the sea. The Portland-based fishing vessel Emmy Rose sank off the coast of Massachusetts during a gale on Nov. 23, prompting a search by the U.S. Coast Guard that was later suspended. Robert Blethen Jr. of Georgetown, Jeff Matthews of Portland, Ethan Ward of Pownal, and Mike Porper of Gloucester, Massachusetts, are presumed lost at sea. At Saturday’s service, family members rose in turn to celebrate the life of each man, starting with the captain, Blethen, who went by Bobby. >click to read< 07:39

Memorial service held for Petty Harbour Fishermen’s Co-operative founder Tom Best

Nearly four months after his passing, family and friends of Petty Harbour Fishermen’s Co-operative founder Tom Best honoured his life and legacy Saturday, amid the coronavirus pandemic. Best passed away on March 31 after a battle with cancer. He was 74. After a memorial service, Best’s brother Reg carried his ashes down Southside Road from St. George’s Anglican Church to the co-operative, which Best helped establish. His obituary describes him as a “fiercely proud inshore fish harvester who dedicated his life’s work to advocating for sustainable fisheries and communities.”  >click to read< 17:29

A memorial service for a fisherman lost at sea was held at the Seamen’s Bethel in New Bedford

On Sunday, a celebration of life service was held at Seamen’s Bethel in downtown New Bedford for Mark Cormier, one of the crew from the F/V Leonardo, which capsized in November off Martha’s Vineyard. Pastor Paul Wheeler of the Trinity Lutheran Church conducts a service in celebration of the life of Mark Cormier Jr. held at the Seamen’s Bethel in New Bedford. Cormier, 35, along with two other fishermen, was lost at sea aboard the New Bedford fishing vessel Leonardo on November 24, 2019. We extend our deepest sympathy to his family and friends. There are 17 images, >click to read< 09:46

Cairns remembers mateship of seven men aboard F/V Dianne

Mateship. The word stood one metre high in white across the stage at Cairns’ Munro Martin Parklands, where the community gathered to reflect on the bond of seven mates from slug boat Dianne, while local singer Andrea Mullens sung Stand by Me, Hallelujah, Candle in the Wind and The Sailor’s Hymn.,, Speaking to hundreds of people gathered for the community reflection on Tuesday night, Dianne’s second crew skipper Adam Kelly, who was not on the boat that day, said he was thankful and privileged to have spent time with his mates. “They’ll always be legends in my eyes – every single one of them,” he said. click here to read the story 10:28

A proper fisherman’s farewell

New Bedford-A line of people wrapped around the entrance of Seamen’s Bethel, down Johnny Cake Hill and onto Union Street. Under cloudless skies, the crowd slowly filled the pews on the second and third floors. When no seats remained, some stood near the doorways and peered into the main area that would honor and remember Thomas Quintin Jr., who was lost at sea on July 3. Chatter of their favorite “that’s Tommy” stories echoed throughout Seamen’s Bethel until a few strums of an acoustic guitar silenced those in attendance as the memorial service began at 10:15 a.m by singing “Amazing Grace.” The two hours that followed mixed tears with laughter. click here to read the story with more images 19:28

Lost Seattle-based crab-boat crew memorialized

The owner of the Destination, the crab boat that went missing Feb. 11, said he had full confidence in the skills of the six lost crew, and that his own son was initially supposed to be part of that Bering Sea harvest. “I have had a lot of sorrow in life but nothing like this,” wrote David Wilson, of Edmonds, in remarks read at a Thursday afternoon memorial service for the six lost crew. “God only knows why something like this happens because I don’t know why these good men went down at sea. … The pain will never go away. Even though these men are gone, their memory will live on forever.” Several hundred people attended the service for the six crew members: Capt. Jeff Hathaway, Larry O’Grady, Raymond Vincler, Darrik Seibold, Charles G. Jones and Kai Hamik. It was held at the Aurora Community Church of the Nazarene in Shoreline and was a celebration of their lives that included poetry and musical performances. continue reading the story here 13:03