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The Mercury-Laden Fish Floated for School Lunches – Dogfish

From the article: Cussed Dogfish – New England fishermen have hated dogfish for a long time, and there has never been a significant domestic market for the species. New York Times articles penned more than a century ago bemoan the dogfish as “cussed,” “ferocious” and so thick “it’s good-bye fishin’.” Read more here 19:53

Updated Advice on Eating Fish During Pregnancy

“These findings very consistently demonstrate that among women who consumed more fish during pregnancy — or at least the amounts we’re currently recommending — that there were improvements in children,” Dr. Stephen Ostroff, the F.D.A.’s acting chief scientist. Read more here  15:43

The Toxic Legacy Of California’s Gold Rush

The Gold Rush of the 1800s may seem a distant historical phenomenon at this point, but its effects are still being felt in California. According to a new study, the mercury used to extract gold from the foothills is now slowly trickling towards California’s Central Valley where fisheries, rice fields and wineries abound. [email protected] 15:02