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Helicopter Pesticide Spraying Continues Despite East Hampton Opposition

2014_0602_helicopter_spraying-500x330The Suffolk County Department of Public Works’ Division of Vector Control conducted aerial application of mosquito larvicides at salt marshes on the South Fork including Accabonac Harbor and Napeague yesterday. Weather permitting, the application is to continue today. The East Hampton Town Board adopted a resolution in 2007 opposing the use of methoprene and asking the county to cease using it. In 2014, citing the importance of commercial and recreational fishing to the local economy, the board reiterated its opposition, stating that methoprene “has not been adequately tested and found to be safe in aquatic and marine invertebrates, fish, and zooplankton.” Methoprene is moderately toxic to some fish and highly toxic to others, according to the National Pesticide Information Center, a cooperative venture of the Environmental Protection Agency and Oregon State University. It can accumulate in fish tissues, according to the center. It is “moderately toxic” to crustaceans such as shrimp, lobsters, and crayfish, the center says, and “very highly toxic” to freshwater invertebrates. Read the rest here 13:24

NY Legislator Schneiderman Introduces Bill to Restrict Pesticide Methoprene in Estuaries

The lobster population in the Long Island Sound has decreased dramatically over the last decade, corresponding with the introduction of new pesticides such as Methoprene, into waters along the Long Island Sound.,,”emerging science is showing Methoprene poses a significant risk to commercial fisheries such as lobsters and crabs,” Connecticut previously passed legislation in March, 2013 banning Methoprene. Maine is the only East Coast fishery where Methoprene has been banned for an extended period. press release here