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Mexican fishermen burn boat, demand environmentalists out

Dozens of fishermen have burned a boat as part of a threat to force out a ship operated by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society in Mexico’s Gulf of California. Sea Shepherd has been removing illegal and abandoned nets that endanger the vaquita, the world’s smallest porpoise. Fishermen in the town of San Felipe painted the name of the Sea Shepherd on an empty, open fishing boat they burned Sunday. They threatened to remove the conservationists’ ship themselves if the government doesn’t. “Just as they are judging us fishermen, we will judge all the environmentalists,” said Sunshine Rodriguez, a leader of the local fishing cooperative in San Felipe, Baja California. “We aren’t going to just sit around.” A speaker at Sunday’s protest — which drew hundreds of onlookers and supporters at San Felipe’s main waterfront boulevard— said over a loudspeaker, “I’m giving them (the government) five days to get this boat out of our territorial waters, or we will do it ourselves. Read the story here 17:03

Mexican fishermen stealing America’s fish: Illegal, unregulated fishing a huge problem – Bill introduced

With Africa and the Middle East disintegrating into chaos, the U.S. economy tanking into a part-time job market and immigrants crossing America’s southern border unabated, caring about some foreign fishermen poaching American waters may seem like a low priority. But it’s not. These thieves have been stealing from America for decades, driving up the price of seafood, shortening harvest seasons and forcing good, honest commercial fishermen out of business, U.S. officials say. Read the rest here 07:58

Coast Guard donates seized fish to turtle group

Coast Guard donates seized fish to turtle group According to the U.S. Coast Guard, illegal fishing in U.S. waters along the southern Texas coastline has been increasing.

Authorities said a U.S. boater found Mexican fishermen adrift in a lancha — typically an open-hulled fiberglass skiff of about 25 feet in length — within Texas waters in the Gulf of Mexico. The boater tried to help the fishermen, who untied themselves from his vessel and resumed drifting at 1:10 p.m. Saturday after they overheard the boater radio the Coast Guard for assistance, according to a Coast Guard news release. Read More