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Fishermen’s Views of a Changing Ocean – Is it your view?

But for commercial fishermen,*  is not a future economic problem: It is a problem right now, and it is costing fisherman both income and jobs. Is it? From the pdf version, The breakdown of those interviewed. 146 ground fishermen, 163 Mass lobstermen, = approx. 10% of Mass fishermen and lobstermen combined. 262 Me. lobstermen = approx. 5% Maine lobstermen. Read the rest here  pdf version here with interesting citations, Pauly,  Pappalardo, etc. 17:43

Fish on Fridays: A ‘Day of Reckoning’ for the New England Groundfishery by Michael Conathan and a real ass kicking rebuttal

Center for American Progress – On May 1, 2013, New England’s groundfishermen began operating under a harsh new set of catch limits that will curtail fishing effort and inflict massive economic pain on an industry that’s already struggling to remain afloat. As fishermen come to grips with their new regulations, and regulators fret about the impact that their unpopular decisions will have on one of America’s most historic industries, we should take a moment to consider the fate of a similar fishery just a few hundred miles northwest. continued   Link to a real slam against this foolishness  by our own Dick Grachek here

Pictures of lobster boats that are supposed to represent the ground fish fleet! lol

An Ocean Champion in the White House – hee hee hee yeah ok!

fisherman-obamaIt should come as no surprise that a president who grew up in Hawaii and has been known to enjoy the occasional vacation on Martha’s Vineyard would prioritize policies that result in the improved management of America’s oceans and coasts. continued