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Inland Fisheries: Lake Huron Commercial fishery moves to Harbor Beach coastal waters

We believe that there is a substantial and exploitable population of lake whitefish out there,” said DNR fisheries biologist Jim Baker. “The Canadians have been taking lake whitefish out there all these many years on their side of the lake and we suspect that we have been serving as a reservoir to supply their commercial fishery.”To judge its potential, the DNR partnered with state-licensed commercial fisherman Dana Serafin out of Pinconning to explore new fishing grounds for lake whitefish in the area. Read the rest here 12:47

Volunteers will be dishing out some free surplus salmon from Michigan DNR weirs.

American Canadian Fisheries and area veterans groups we will be distributing fish to the general public at several locations throughout northern Michigan.  The cost of distributing the fish is supported by the veterans groups and individual volunteers. The surplus salmon community giveaway began four years ago when workers at the weirs discussed what happened to the fish that were harvested. [email protected] 07:42