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Micronesia pursues illegal fishing charges against Japanese Tuna Vessels

The Federated States of Micronesia seized four Japanese purse seine vessels in October and November last year that were fishing mainly for bonito in the Pacific, sources said. They are accused of using illegal fishing methods, but the crews of all four boats have denied the charges. They were released after paying up to $3 million (¥360 million) per ship to the Micronesian government. However, prosecution has gone forward regarding one of the vessels, with a trial now under way in the country. Read the rest here 08:24

Multinational search for missing crewmember in the Western Pacific

POHNPEI, FSM—Multiple agencies from the Federated States of Micronesia, Japan, and the U.S. coordinated efforts, over the course of five days, to search for a crewmember that was reported missing from the Japanese fishing vessel Chokyu Maru 35. A total of 2,234 square nautical miles were covered during the search. [email protected] 17:18