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Major pattern change to cold begins at mid-week in the Mid-Atlantic region, assures a far different December compared to last five years

Overview – A major pattern change is going to begin on Wednesday in the Mid-Atlantic region and it will result in a period of sustained colder-than-normal temperatures that will assure a much different December compared to the last five. This pattern change to cold will also include increasing chances for snow – perhaps as early as late this week or during the upcoming weekend – as an active upper-level trough forms in the eastern US associated with the initial cold blast. Discussion – This December will be a far cry from the last five years,,, click here to read the story 17:59


EMERGENCY TOWN HALL MEETING 5pm Wednesday, July 2 Barnegat Light Fire Company 10 West 10th Street Barnegat Light, NJ 08006  Harmful Rutgers Study to Examine 60 Million-Year-Old Rocks for Sea Level Changes. The study will shock the ocean with sound waves, the blasts will produce 250 decibels every 5 seconds, 24 hours a day for 30 days starting in July. (In humans, impairment begins when exposed to sounds at 115 decibels for only 30 seconds). Read more here 13:43