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American eel turns up in southwestern Minnesota lake

An American eel — far, far away from its natural home in the North Atlantic Ocean — was found in a southwestern Minnesota lake late last month. Minnesota Department of Natural Resources fisheries workers conducting a lake survey on Cottonwood Lake about 16 miles southwest of Granite Falls captured a female, 37.4-inch American eel in their trap net late last month. American eel spawn in the Sargasso Sea in the north Atlantic Ocean. However, the American eel spends the majority of its life in freshwater habitat before returning to the Sargasso Sea to complete the life cycle. Larvae of this fish ride the currents randomly for hundreds or even thousands of miles before finding freshwater habitat. That makes this particular eel’s journey all the more impressive, having likely ridden ocean currents into the Gulf of Mexico and swimming upstream thousands of miles via the Mississippi River and the nearby Minnesota River. click here to read the story 11:06

Farthest north yet: Dead ‘leaping’ carp found north of Winona, Minnesota

A worker with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service discovered the 30-inch-long carcass on Aug. 9 atop a concrete abutment just below Lock and Dam 5, about 20 miles farther upstream than the previous northernmost instance of a silver carp on the river, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) said. The dam is about 110 miles south of St. Paul.[email protected]  16:06