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Lawsuit alleges sunken fishing boat was ‘unseaworthy’

A lawsuit filed less than a month ago alleges the now-sunken fishing vessel “Misty Blue” was unseaworthy. The Coast Guard suspended the search for the missing crew members Michael Roberts, 44, and Jonathan Saraiva, 32, Tuesday night after the vessel sank about 10 miles off the coast of Nantucket Monday night. According to court documents, the $1.5 million civil lawsuit was brought by a Fairhaven fisherman who claims that he was seriously injured in September due to the captain and crew’s negligence and the “unseaworthiness” of the Misty Blue. click here to read the story 08:52

Race to find fishermen in freezing temperatures as boat capsizes near Ramsgate

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) confirmed it was searching for the missing crew members after the vessel overturned off the Kent coast on Tuesday night, around 11pm. One crew member was rescued after they were found clinging to the hull, but the search for the other three continued into Wednesday morning. They were spotted by a passing boat around 7.30am this morning and were airlifted to Ashford hospital. RNLI press officer John Ray said: “The man who was rescued said that he saw at least one of his crewmates washed over the hull. “He was spotted this morning by a passing ship, found him clinging to the boat and they got him off the hull and raised the alarm with the coast guard. “He said he had seen one person washed into the sea and there is a possibility that the other man is trapped under the hull itself. “We think there were three people on board in total.  Read the rest here 08:05