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The NOAA Oversight Project – Fisherman’s FOIA’s Squeeze NOAA

email3From Dutch Harbor to the Old Harbor Float in Petersburg, from Gloucester and all the way round to Corpus Christi, wherever Americans untied their boats to fish in the decades since the Magnuson Act passed, fishermen had to take on science, politics, and NOAA. Some of you spent your shore time up to your knees in fish politics dividing the stock or arguing with managers about areas or days at sea. Because you engaged in politics, new generations of kids setting and hauling gear can still catch fish. Sort of– Sit down, put a mug up, and read this expose. You will be shocked. Read the article here 16:28

I thought we were safe at Fisherynation-Ebola Czar Wife Wants Travel Ban…For Fisherman

Ebola bitches Ron and Monica MedinaThe wife of the ebola czar favors a travel ban for…. fisherman, Gotnews.com has learned. Monica Medina, wife of Ron Klain, is the other half of the DC power couple. Like her husband she’s long been involved in political issues and Democratic politics. She successfully worked to pressure the Obama administration to ban large parts of the ocean to commercial fishing. Obama announced a ban on commercial fishing within a 782,0000 square miles of U.S. territorial waters. Read the rest here

Obama will propose vast expansion of Pacific Ocean marine sanctuary

baby fishermanThe announcement — details of which were provided to The Washington Post — is part of a broader push on maritime issues by an administration that has generally favored other environmental priorities. The oceans effort, led by Secretary of State John F. Kerry and White House counselor John D. Podesta, is likely to spark a new political battle with Republicans over the scope of Obama’s executive powers. More here 05:20

Dinner for Schmuck’s! Catch shares leader hosts Markey fund-raiser

Monica Medina, a former top aide to then-NOAA Administrator Jane Lubchenco, for whom she shepherded the controversial catch share fishery management program into policy, her husband Ron Klain and seven other Washington heavy hitters held a big-ticket fund-raiser Tuesday night for Congressman Ed Markey to help fuel his Massachusetts U.S. Senate campaign against Republican Gabriel Gomez. continued

Steve Urbon: More trouble ahead at NOAA?

So, you ask: What does President Obama’s prospective chief of staff possibly have to do with New Bedford?

Answer: One of the two finalists is the spouse of the architect of the notorious catch shares in fisheries management at NOAA, Monica Medina.

And when I sought reaction, it was something between a laugh and a groan.

“What can I do other than laugh?” said seafood consultant Jim Kendall. Read more