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Fighting the tide

After three years of work, a University of Alaska Fairbanks study of the state’s commercial fishing industry has reached one conclusion nobody in the 49th state wants to talk about and another that not even the authors of the report seem willing to confront. The first conclusion is barely disguised in the report: “Since limited entry programs were implemented in state commercial fisheries, permit holdings by rural residents local to their fisheries have declined by 30 percent. Some regions like Bristol Bay have lost over 50 percent of their local rural permits.” A systemic fail? click here to read the story 17:11

More and More Non-Residents Hold Fishing Permits in Alaska

A new report indicates that more and more non-residents hold commercial fishing permits in Alaska. Limited entry permits are needed to fish in 65 commercial fisheries in Alaska and there are 79-different kinds of permits that cover different gear types. Currently there are over 16.5-thousand permits issued in Alaska. [email protected] 10:48