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Swedish MSC fishery accused of illegal fishing – Still carry’s the ENGO Tax Stamp!

MSC-LogoTrawlers in an Marine Stewardship Council-certified ‘sustainable’ lobster fishery have been caught using illegally modified nets to target valuable cod, reports the Ecologist, citing Dutch environmental group The Black Fish. The MSC was notified, but considered the evidence insufficient to act, so the lobsters still carry the, it said. Read the rest here  13:10

Sea scallops close to ‘sustainable’ MSC label ? Big ENGO deal. NOT!

MSC-LogoNEW BEDFORD — An international environmental group is a step away from declaring the Atlantic scallop fishery as “sustainable,” properly managed and in no immediate danger of overfishing..Seafood consultant Jim Kendall, a former scalloper, said he had mixed feelings about the ruling and the association with the council. He noted that the council is an environmental group that collects fees to obtain its seal. Kendall said it is questionable to pay often adversarial environmental groups for their approval, when “government regulations in the U.S. are the official seal of sustainability”. [email protected]  08:35

Sensible decision: Walmart agrees to sell Alaska salmon after all – So do we let them off the hook? or beat on ’em?!!

A controversy about labeling Alaska salmon appears to be headed toward a resolution with a sensible decision by Walmart to not reject the sustainable fish supply from the 49th state  robby[email protected]

Maine lobster picks up advantage over Maritimes

Maine’s lobster industry is expected to have some advantage over the Maritime’s this coming season with its new environmentally-sustainable certification. continue

To MSC or not to MSC Southeast Alaska Seiners Association hates MSC. Always has. Always will.

So the state is having a big pow-wow with PSVOA this coming Monday over the boards  decision to stick it out with MSC so that Silver Bay Seafoods could go it alone. This is a complex issue.

First let’s start out with SEAS unequivocal and total non-support of MSC from the outset in the late 1990’s when then-Gov Knowles administration welcomed the MSC folks in to get the trophy of certifying the worlds best managed commercial fishery-Alaska Salmon.  SEAS, under the leadership of Jim Bacon at that time, determined that the short-term, feel good of having the MSC label would be short-lived and would not be worth the longer term of inviting the Eco-terrorists into the fold to wreak havoc on the Alaska brand.  Read more