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Right whales might get extra layer of protection off N.C. coast

Off Southeastern North Carolina, the critical habitat would extend about 25 miles offshore. So will the new designation mean additional red tape for commercial fishermen, ships transiting through the new critical habitat areas or other current offshore activities? No, Gouveia stressed. But it would place the whales on the proverbial radar screen for any future developments in the near-shore waters off the coast that could impact those important habitat features. Read the rest here 19:50

N.C. coast ideal for wind farms, but logistics complicated – The wind shills try to make it look so,,,,attractive.

Industrial sprawl

The chatter persists for good reason. North Carolina has the greatest offshore wind resource along the Eastern Seaboard, according to analysis by the National Renewable Energy Lab. That’s due to a number of factors, including the state’s long coastline, high energy usage among residents, and construction and labor costs that rank among the cheapest in the Southeast. continued