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N.C. Commercial fishermen needed to help clean up fishing gear in coastal waters

ne_crabpot-900x506The North Carolina Coastal Federation is currently accepting applications from commercial fishermen interested in assisting with an on-water cleanup of lost fishing gear from coastal waters. To qualify, watermen must have a valid Standard Commercial Fishing License and guarantee availability for work during the period of Jan. 18 through Feb. 7. They must also attend a mandatory training session to learn general project protocol and how to use project equipment. Compensation is $400 per boat, per day. Each boat is required to have two people onboard for safety reasons. In some locations, more than one week of work could be possible for those accepted to this program. Read the rest here, including contact info 15:04

Illegal striped bass harvest means trouble for N.C. commercial fishermen – By Fred Bonner

Apparently, the good management practices worked because today the population of Atlantic striped bass is now considered to be “fully recovered.” This is why many North Carolinians, including many sport as well as commercial fishermen, were upset when 13 commercial fishermen in North Carolina and Georgia were charged in federal court in Raleigh for their role in the illegal harvest, sale and false reporting of approximately 90,000 pounds of Atlantic striped bass. Read the rest here 16:28