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Young fisherman survives bear attack in Naknek boatyard

It was dark when 19-year-old Stig Ure found himself walking through the Upper Lummy boat yard around 2:00 am on June third. He was close to his father’s salmon boat, the Coachman II, where he was staying, when his night took a turn for the worse. He explained, “I crested the bow of the [F/V] Gabey V and all of a sudden I was five to seven feet from this brown bear.” The bear was eating out of a dumpster when Ure surprised it. Almost immediately, Ure reacted. “I just kinda turned into an animal like at that point. Instinct just kicked in, and I bolted.” >click to read<12:30

Wild Alaskan Salmon and Seafood: Quality over quantity

Wild Alaskan Salmon and Seafood is a family owned business, processing 25,000 pounds of salmon per day. Inside the plant 13 workers are hard at work. They work long hours, sometimes pulling 22 hour shifts, but morale is high, music is on and people are joking. James Sumrall, assistant manager, said everyone is friends. “When we come here being such a small and tight knit crew it’s kinda like we’re hanging out here. It’s steady and hard work but it’s kinda like we’re hanging out,” he said. “No type of overbearing hand that’s telling you work harder, work faster. Obviously we keep a good pace, but it’s a lot friendlier, moral stays high.” Wild Alaskan Salmon and Seafood is owned by Tony and Heather Woods. Most of the salmon processed at the facility is caught by drifter Tony himself. In fact, he was not available for an interview because he is out fishing the tail end of the season. Audio, click here to read the story 20:09

Diane Hill is the chief and (so far) only seamstress for Bristol Bay Brailers, LLC, a new business in Naknek.

DianeHill_sewingWhile fishermen tune up their boats, there are many other workers also gearing up for the salmon season. Welders, net hangers, and cannery workers are all streaming in to support the industry. This year, a Naknek family has established another piece of that fishery puzzle: a homegrown brailer operation called Bristol Bay Brailer, LLC.  Hill is the manager and chief-and-only seamstress of Bristol Bay Brailer, LLC.  Her husband, Bill Hill, his two brothers Nathan and Karl, and their business partner Russell Phelps co-own the company. They’re all fishermen, and Hill says they’d been talking for years about the need for locally produced brailers. “We were like, why don’t we make brailers here? We’ve been buying them from other places, but we’re in the heart of fishing, so why don’t we buy them here?” Audio, read the story here 14:11

Trident’s new fishmeal plant to go online soon in Naknek

The newest processing plant in Bristol Bay is about to go online this month. Trident Seafood’s multi-million dollar fishmeal plant should get a test run with Togiak herring. Trident agreed to build the plant as part of a 2011 settlement over alleged EPA Clean Water Act violations, and now the company, and residents, should get to see (and smell) it if works as intended. As they’re putting the finishing touches on the new plant, Trident offered KDLG’s Matt Martin in inside plant tour, and he has this report. Audio, Read the rest here 13:04

Boats of Bristol Bay Alaska

The Boats of Bristol Bay Alaska’s commercial fishing fleet, filmed from the Pacific Drifter. Naknek, Kvichak and Egegik Districts.16:49