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“Woo hoo,” A Win for the Good Guys! Scallop harvesters victorious in lawsuit against FFAW

scallopers win ffaw“Woo hoo,” was his first reaction when asked about the decision favouring scallop harvesters over their union FFAW. Moores is an active fish harvester. Over the past few years he has focused on the crab and turbot fishery, but will be returning to scallops the upcoming season. “I’m very pleased with the conclusion.” A judge in St. John’s ruled in favour of harvesters Feb. 29 after a 2014 dispute planted them against the FFAW. A section of the Strait of Belle Isle along the coast of Labrador was no longer going to be viable for scallop harvesting. The area is going to be used by Nalcor Energy for a cable for the Muskrat Falls project. It totaled about 45 square kilometres. Read the rest here 08:51

Fishermen in court – Scallop license holders say they’ll get nothing from area closure and union deal

Fishermen holding scallop licences for the Strait of Belle Isle were expecting to get paid when a compensation deal was negotiated by their union with Nalcor Energy, all tied to the Lower Churchill Project. The fishermen were not paid, and have now taken their union to court. The 71 fish harvesters involved in the case green lit negotiations, allowing the FFAW-Unifor to seek something in return for a planned permanent closure of part of their fishing grounds (a roughly 1.5-kilometre stretch of Area 14A) for the Labrador-Island Link. Read the article here 19:33

Compensation agreement reached for Strait of Belle Isle scallop harvesters

863a4ac9dc_64635696_o2St. John’s NL – February 3, 2014 – The FFAW has reached a landmark agreement with Nalcor Energy to compensate scallop harvesters in the Strait of Belle Isle who will be permanently impacted by the installation of underwater cable to bring power from Muskrat Falls to the island of Newfoundland. Read [email protected]  11:29