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B.C. fishermen facing limited or no openings for sockeye

Commercial fishermen in B.C. won’t be getting many – if any – opportunities to harvest sockeye salmon this year, though they may be able to at least net some pink salmon. This year’s Fraser River sockeye return is expected to be low, based on historical patterns, and the early signs are that they are coming in even lower than forecast. Nass and Skeena River sockeye aren’t doing any better. The only runs that seem to be doing relatively well are Somass River sockeye and Central Coast chum salmon. No commercial opening had been expected for Somass sockeye, but returns were strong enough to allow for a small opening for seine and gillnet fisheries. click here to read the story 09:05

Good News on the Nass River – Sockeye return’s in higher levels than first predicted,

It may be a dismal year for sockeye in the Skeena River, but the Nass River sockeye returned in higher levels than first predicted, meaning the Nisga’a were able to harvest 25,000 more sockeye than anticipated. And a strong Nass sockeye run early in the season which saw in-season estimates skyrocket meant that those who manage the Nass fishery were able to open it up to commercial fishermen who were unable to fish Skeena sockeye. [email protected]